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Quality Office Products

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Office furnishings need a good basis if they are to remain effective for the long-term. This is ensured by Quality Office-certified products. Over 400 chairs, desks, cabinets, shelving and partitions for use in offices at companies or at home already bear the Quality Office label and thus signal that they are of thoroughly high quality.

The basis for all product certifications is the GS mark (Tested Safety). It indicates the compliance of the furniture product with the German product safety legislation (Produktsicherheitsgesetz zum Schutz von Sicherheit und Gesundheit). Additionally, Quality Office attests to further product features in the fields of safety, ergonomics, functionality, flexibility, durability and sustainability.

To ensure buyers und decision-makers do not have to check every detail when choosing office furniture, the publishers of the Quality Office guideline have defined a comprehensive range of requirements that the various types of the products have to meet. In this way, they have provided the basis for the Quality Office certification of products. This creates transparency and enables sound decision making. You can find the certified products  here.

Quality Office allows manufacturers of high-quality and up-to-date office furniture to differentiate themselves from competitors and set a clear signal for quality. Moreover, the L-Q 2022 guideline can serve as the basis for the development of new products. On this website you will find all the information for a successful  certification processs.



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Quality Office Products

Certification process

Quality Office products are certified according to the current L-Q 2022 guideline. Find everything you need to know about the prerequisites, requirements, procedure and costs as well as about the categories of the certifiable products — or simply download the documents for your application.

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Quality Office

Guideline L-Q 2022

The basis for Quality Office certification is the guideline “Quality Criteria for Office Workplaces L-Q 2022”. It defines the requirements that state-of-the-art office workplaces and good consultants have to meet.

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